Although I am happy to assist prospective builders, I cannot be drawn into prolonged comment exchanges if the project does not work as expected.

I am confident that all projects presented on this platform will work if constructed according to the published design.

It is, however, inevitable that, in some cases, a project may require a different value resistor, capacitor (or whatever) to correct for an unexpected variation.

Since I cannot control the quality of components sourced by readers, nor the standard of artistry in assembly, it is only possible to allow for some contingency.

Please only attempt the construction of projects you fully understand or if you feel confident that you can build the project without further assistance.

Do not expect me to be able to diagnose an obscure fault remotely, especially if the project has been modified in any way whatsoever.


Under no circumstances should any reader construct any mains-operated equipment unless sure of their abilities in this area.

The author takes no responsibility for any injury resulting from, whether directly or indirectly, the reader’s inability to appreciate the hazards of household mains voltages or other voltages as may be present within the circuitry of a project.

Please read the disclaimer now if you have not done so already. Also, read the warning on the main projects page. 

 Not all projects that involve mains wiring are so marked because some mains wiring is required in most projects that include a power supply.

Appropriate warnings are generally placed within each project, and the reader must adhere to all local regulations.

I cannot provide detailed information for each country, so you need to know the regulations, colour codes, and other requirements to ensure safety.