DMCA Copyright takedown

What is DMCA? DCMA stands for Digital Millenium Copyright Act to protect online content against duplicates and copyright infringement. respects the rights of copyright holders and will work with the said copyright holders to ensure that we remove infringing materials from our service. We monitor all files and articles to ensure that copyrighted material is not uploaded. In cases where you feel a file infringes on your copyright or the copyright of someone you represent, we encourage you to use this page to notify us. will respond to “all take-down requests” that comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) requirements and other applicable intellectual property laws.

If you believe that a file or article we publish on infringes on your copyright, please submit a request using one of the contact details below. Be sure to include your relationship to the owner of the copyrighted work, your full contact info, and the URL of the file or article you are referring to, and will act on it immediately.

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