Top Fully Funded Government Scholarships in the Netherlands

By | June 12, 2024

Top Fully Funded Government Scholarships in the Netherlands

Studying in the Netherlands offers a unique blend of rich cultural heritage, innovative teaching methods, and a friendly international environment. The country is known for its top-ranking universities and vibrant student life. However, pursuing higher education abroad can be expensive. Luckily, the Dutch government offers several fully funded scholarships to international students. These scholarships cover tuition fees, living expenses, and sometimes even travel costs. Here are some of the top fully funded government scholarships available in the Netherlands.

1. Holland Scholarship

The Holland Scholarship is designed for international students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) who want to do their bachelor’s or master’s in the Netherlands. This scholarship is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science as well as several Dutch research universities and universities of applied sciences.

  • Coverage: €5,000 for the first year of study.
  • Eligibility: Non-EEA students applying for a full-time bachelor’s or master’s program at one of the participating Dutch higher education institutions.
  • Application Process: Submit an application directly to the institution you wish to attend. Each institution has its own application process and deadline.

2. Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP)

The Orange Knowledge Programme aims to advance the development of the capacity, knowledge, and quality of both individuals and institutions in higher and vocational education. This program is targeted at mid-career professionals from specific countries.

  • Coverage: Full tuition fees, visa, travel, insurance, and living expenses.
  • Eligibility: Professionals from selected countries who have a minimum of three years of work experience and are applying for master’s programs or short courses related to sustainable development.
  • Application Process: Apply through Dutch institutions offering OKP-qualified programs. The Dutch institution then nominates candidates for the scholarship.

3. Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMD)

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees are prestigious, integrated, international study programs jointly delivered by an international consortium of higher education institutions. The Netherlands is home to many institutions that participate in these programs.

  • Coverage: Tuition fees, travel costs, installation costs, and subsistence allowance.
  • Eligibility: Students from any country who meet the specific admission requirements of the program they are applying for.
  • Application Process: Apply directly to the Erasmus Mundus program of your choice. Each program has its own application procedures and deadlines.

4. Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP)

Although phased out, the Netherlands Fellowship Programmes have been replaced by the Orange Knowledge Programme, it’s worth mentioning for historical context. NFP aimed to help reduce the shortage of skilled workers in various countries by offering scholarships for master’s degrees, PhD studies, and short courses.

  • Coverage: Full tuition fees, living expenses, visa, travel, and insurance.
  • Eligibility: Professionals from eligible countries with relevant work experience and strong motivation to study.
  • Application Process: Similar to the OKP, applicants needed to apply through the Dutch institution offering NFP-qualified programs.

5. MENA Scholarship Programme (MSP)

The MENA Scholarship Programme offers scholarships to professionals from ten selected countries in the Middle East and North Africa. The aim is to contribute to the democratic transition in the participating countries.

  • Coverage: Full tuition fees, travel costs, visa, insurance, and a subsistence allowance.
  • Eligibility: Professionals with at least three years of work experience and a strong motivation to study in the Netherlands.
  • Application Process: Apply through Dutch institutions that offer MSP-qualified short courses. Institutions nominate candidates for the scholarship.

6. Stuned Scholarships Programme

The Stuned Scholarships Programme is designed to strengthen bilateral relations between the Netherlands and other countries. It provides financial support for master’s degree programs, short courses, and customized training programs.

  • Coverage: Full tuition fees, travel costs, insurance, and a monthly stipend.
  • Eligibility: Professionals with relevant work experience and a strong motivation to contribute to the development of their home country.
  • Application Process: Apply directly to the Dutch institution offering Stuned-qualified programs. The institution nominates candidates for the scholarship.

7. Erasmus+ Scholarships

Erasmus+ is a European Union initiative that supports education, training, youth, and sport in Europe. It offers opportunities for students to study, train, gain experience, and volunteer abroad.

  • Coverage: Varies depending on the specific program but generally includes tuition fees, travel, and a living allowance.
  • Eligibility: Students from both EU and non-EU countries who are enrolled in participating institutions.
  • Application Process: Apply through your home institution for an exchange to a partner institution in the Netherlands.

8. Leiden University Excellence Scholarships (LExS)

While not a government scholarship per se, the Leiden University Excellence Scholarships are worth mentioning due to their generous funding. They are intended for outstanding non-EEA students enrolling in a master’s program at Leiden University.

  • Coverage: Varies, with awards of €10,000, €15,000, or full tuition fee waiver.
  • Eligibility: Non-EEA students with excellent academic records.
  • Application Process: Apply for the master’s program at Leiden University and indicate your wish to apply for the LExS scholarship on the application form.


Studying in the Netherlands opens doors to world-class education and rich cultural experiences. Fully funded government scholarships make this opportunity accessible to talented students from around the globe. These scholarships not only cover financial expenses but also help in building international networks and advancing career prospects. Whether you’re a mid-career professional or a fresh graduate, there’s a scholarship that can help you achieve your academic and professional goals in the Netherlands. Ensure to check the specific eligibility criteria and application deadlines of each scholarship program and take the first step towards your future today.

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